Week ending 07/01/18 – PA-08 MoCTrack Report

Week ending 07/01/18 – PA-08 MoCTrack Report

Hi everyone! The Congress just went out on recess, but they were busy before they left. Welcome to this week’s MoCTrack Report, your digest of all the news on Casey, Fitzpatrick and Toomey.

We had a handful of important votes this week – immigration, defense spending, and a weird procedural resolution that sets up a showdown related to the Mueller investigation in the House, and the Farm Bill in the Senate. We have the Twitter and standard medi​​a coverage you have come to expect, with reactions to the child separation and detention crisis, Trump’s tariffs, various Supreme Court decisions, Fitzpatrick’s trip down to Texas to visit a child detention center, the opioid crisis and the Trump Administration’s attempts to strip insurance coverage from people with pre-existing conditions.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, we have both Senators’ official press releases on the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, with some additional feedback from Senator Casey on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the hypocrisy of replacing the justice in an election year after the precedent set with President Obama’s Merrick Garland nomination. And the Supreme Court nomination/confirmation process is the topic of this week’s Learning about Legislation.

Lastly, in legislation of interest, we look at a set of interesting new bills. Both the Senate and the House are looking at ways to ensure Members of Congress have access to ALL federal facilities, and are trying to make lynching a federal hate crime. And in the House, there is a constitutional amendment (!!) to overturn Citizens United (!!!!) and a brilliant resolution aka manifesto “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Americans have a right to fair representation and that America’s democratic institutions are in urgent need of repair to provide greater responsiveness and accountability to the people through critical reforms that empower the American voter, strengthen our Nation’s ethics laws, and fix our broken campaign finance system.” Go read that one right now and restore your faith that at least some of our elected officials see what this country needs!

Our elected officials WORK FOR YOU! Make sure you know what kind of job they are doing. Read MoCTrack!

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