New Club Officers Announced

New Club Officers Announced

In June, new club officers were elected to four-year terms by our borough and township committee persons.  Our new officers are:

  • Chair: George Skladany
  • Vice-Chair: Rosemary Wuenschel
  • Treasurer: Regina Gairo
  • Secretary: Melissa Merk
  • Parliamentarian: Jesse Waldenville
  • At-Large Representative #1: Elizabeth Warren
  • At-Large Representative #2: Abby Leafe

In addition, the following people have agreed to serve in important supporting roles:

  • Dennis Fisher (Candidate recruitment and campaign liaison)
  • Valerie Schrandt (Committee People Program & New Voter Development)
  • Steve Cickay (Advocacy Committee)
  • Abby Leafe (Communications Committee)
  • Fundraising (Ed Valenti)
  • Paul Cohen (Assistant Parliamentarian)

Finally, thank you to the recent outgoing officers, whose work to improve our club is much appreciated:

  • Dennis Fisher – Chair
  • George Skladany – Vice Chair
  • Regina Gairo – Treasurer
  • Ed Valenti – Secretary
  • Paul Cohen – Parliamentarian
  • Sally Thompson – At Large #1
  • Elizabeth Warren – At Large #2

(George, Regina and Elizabeth were elected to new terms, while Dennis, Paul and Ed have graciously agreed to work with the board in various important supporting positions.)

Please support our club’s officers and activities by offering your constructive suggestions and also volunteering to assist with projects.

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