Member of Congress Tracker – Week ended 9/16/2018

Member of Congress Tracker – Week ended 9/16/2018

Welcome to MoCTrack, where you can catch up on all of the votes, quotes, deets and tweets coming out of Fitzpatrick, Casey and Toomey. This week we have a pile of memorable votes to dive into. First we have a portion of the spending package that will prevent a government shutdown – two down, two to go, and only 5 business days to get it done! There were also votes on the opioid package (which stirred up reporting on a plot to introduce a big pharma bailout once it gets to the House), a partial effort to rein in prescription drug price gouging, and a bill that will change musical copyright laws and bring them into the streaming era. That’s a lot of voting!

We also have the social media and traditional press coverage that you have come to expect. One of our senators had a lot to say about the Kavanaugh confirmation process and how the Judiciary is treating Dr. Ford, who made accusations of sexual assault…. and the other has had little to say. Can you guess which is which? We have Senator Toomey’s explanation of his NO vote on the spending package, and Senator Casey’s alert about a Trump Administration rules change to forbit recipients of assistance programs like SNAP and Medicaid from ever getting green cards or visas. And Rep. Fitzpatrick kept mostly quiet, with a few uncontroversial tidbits on wildlife, Route 95 and the opioid crisis.

Lastly, we have two new legislative efforts. On one hand we have a stealth move by the GOP to push through a Senate bill that will bog down the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and distort its mandate. And on the other we have a package from bills from GOP Sen. Ben Sasse focused on ethics reform – presidential tax disclosure, lifetime lobbying ban for members of Congress, and rules in that vein.

Our MoCs were very busy this week. Make sure you know what they were doing, because they work for you!

– Kierstyn Zolfo, Bucks Indivisible, @BucksCoKierstyn

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