Newtown Democrats

Newtown Democrats Leadership Team

Linda Bobrin

Chair, Newtown Democrats

Welcome to the Newtown Democrats website, the best local resource for Newtown residents looking to learn more about Democratic candidates and get involved on a local level to affect real change in our democracy. I’m proud to lead an organization that works so hard to advance causes and candidates that we believe will make a real difference in our lives and the lives of our neighbors. I encourage you to join us at our monthly meetings to learn more and connect with this vibrant group of passionate Newtown citizens. –  Linda Bobrin Chair, Newtown Democrats

Executive Board

Linda Bobrin – Chair
Joel Raab – Vice-Chair
Alex Treece – Treasurer
Valerie Schrandt – Secretary
Elen Snyder – Parliamentarian
Abby Leafe – At large
Liz Warren – At large
Rose Wuenschel – At large